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Bic pens - for Her! Pen designed for women mocked online When Bic came out with a pen designed specifically for women -- Bic Cristal for Her -- the reviews came flooding in. People started mocking the pens with hilarious comments on Amazon.com and Twitter. Here, we have collected the Top 10 best comments about the slimmer, pink and purple pens. by Toronto Star 5 Likes 26,825 Views thestar.com 21,693 views 4,976 views null 54 views Embed Twimg · Wed, Aug 29 2012 13:51:13 Top 10 best responses online to the new Bic Cristal pen for Her. 10. c1ockjoke@RoflConnor I'm currently writing with a Bic For Her pen and I couldn't feel more manly. Wed, Aug 29 2012 13:54:37 ReplyRetweetFavorite https://twitter.com/RoflConnor/status/240809685446430722

— c1ockjoke (@RoflConnor) Wed, Aug 29 2012 13:54:37 9. Kate Connolly@Kate_L_Connolly Tim just told me to keep my womanly fingers off the manly tv remote. Since they now make pens for women this probably makes sense #bicforher Wed, Aug 29 2012 08:03:41 ReplyRetweetFavorite http://twitter.com/Kate_L_Connolly/status/240721371393564672

— Kate Connolly (@Kate_L_Connolly) Wed, Aug 29 2012 08:03:41 8. Lizzy H Styles @VampireMiho #bicforher oh dear, I think I have pens envy! Wed, Aug 29 2012 11:08:19 ReplyRetweetFavorite http://twitter.com/VampireMiho/status/240767834479808512

— Lizzy H Styles (@VampireMiho) Wed, Aug 29 2012 11:08:19 Ctvnews · Wed, Aug 29 2012 13:34:49 7. mimchatt@mimchatt My 'for her' @bicpens got me out of the kitchen and into the workplace. thank you bic!   http://www. buzzfeed.com/annanorth/12-h ilarious-reviews-of-a-pen-just-for-women   … com/annanorth/12-hilarious-reviews-of-a-pen-just-for-women Wed, Aug 29 2012 02:26:33 ReplyRetweetFavorite https://twitter.com/mimchatt/status/240636528949342210

— mimchatt (@mimchatt) Wed, Aug 29 2012 02:26:33 6. Melbaby@MelBaby "I was given a box of these from my husband, but have no idea what to do w/ them! They're too thin to make a good rolling pin..." #BicForHer Mon, Aug 27 2012 23:13:56 ReplyRetweetFavorite http://twitter.com/MelBaby/status/240225665121660928

— Melbaby (@MelBaby) Mon, Aug 27 2012 23:13:56 5. Sarah Cannon@Saille Another review on that page: "But wait a moment - once the women get the pens, what are they supposed to write on? Man paper?" #bicforher Wed, Aug 29 2012 00:43:02 ReplyRetweetFavorite http://twitter.com/Saille/status/240610475329597440

— Sarah Cannon (@Saille) Wed, Aug 29 2012 00:43:02 VIDEO: Watch a real commercial for the Bic Cristal pen for Her. BIC Boy at School bicusawriting · Thu, Aug 16 2012 18:12:00 4. Kelsey Agnew@kelseyagnew Finally! Bic Pens 'For Her': instruments that won't cramp my dainty fingers while I'm writing recipes and poetry.   http:// amzn.to/Q04ySh   h Wed, Aug 29 2012 14:14:06 ReplyRetweetFavorite https://twitter.com/kelseyagnew/status/240814587233046528

— Kelsey Agnew (@kelseyagnew) Wed, Aug 29 2012 14:14:06 3. Tara Evans@taraevans BIC for her. 'Because men don't need ink they write with blood and fire.' Excellent. Read the reviews:   http://www. amazon.co.uk/BIC-For-Amber- Medium-Ballpoint/dp/B004FTGJUW/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top   … .uk/BIC-For-Amber-Medium-Ballpoint/dp/B004FTGJUW/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Wed, Aug 29 2012 13:30:44 ReplyRetweetFavorite https://twitter.com/taraevans/status/240803673184280577

— Tara Evans (@taraevans) Wed, Aug 29 2012 13:30:44 And from Amazon.com... 2. "Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed a pen that I can use all month long! I use it when I'm swimming, riding a horse, walking on the beach and doing yoga. It's comfortable, leak-proof, non-slip and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty! ... 
"My drawings of kittens and ponies have improved, and now that I'm writin amazon-pens-for-her-reviews-rid-0.html. pens game ticketsg my last name hyphenated with Robert Pattinson's last name, I really believe he may some day marry me!"
--  Tracy Hamilton, on Amazon.com "Will you draw me a panda riding a rainbow unicorn with sparkles, Miss Lauren? PLEASE!!!!" oh I love my kidlies #unicorns laurenichole89 · Sun, Aug 26 2012 00:00:00 Read next page 5 Share Embed Show Templates Hide Templates Story Grid Slideshow Full Header Mini Header Border Embed Code
amazon pens for her reviews

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mont blanc bags india BiC Pens 'For Her' is Amazon reviewers new Three Wolf Moon Brill Bundy August 30, 2012 Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email

Way back in 2009, thousands of Amazon reviewers sang the praises — and so-called magical properties — of an article of clothing known as the “Three Wolf Moon” t-shirt . Capturing the Internet’s imagination made it one of the retail site’s top-selling apparel items for the year. It sure wasn’t its irresistible beauty.

Now it’s 2012, and Amazonians have found a new product to embrace: the BiC Pens ‘For Her.’

What makes these writing instruments customizable for the female gender? Why, dear reader, the “attractive barrel design available in pink and purple,” the “elegant design – just for her!” and the fact that it has a “thin barrel to fit in a women’s hand,” of course.

Amongst the customer reviews, are humorous cases of mistakenly identifying the pen as a feminine hygiene product or pregnancy test and gushing testimonials. Having been prevented from expressing their thoughts in writing previously due to manly ballpoint products, girls now can freely transcribe their grocery lists and recipes as well as cover their school notebook with hearts, flowers and what their married name will look like after they wed Robert Pattinson.

Reviewer Rachel also helpfully gives a heads up to all the guys out there:

“The ‘for her’ label is not just a gimmick exploiting archaic gender constructs, it’s a WARNING. Even if you’re a boy who likes pastels and glitter (which really I don’t see why you shouldn’t, what kind of moron thinks that only girls would like that kind of thing? seems kind of backwards to me) this pen is NOT for you. I don’t know why they didn’t put a clearer warning on the label, they really should have because if you are a boy and use this pen you put yourself at great risk. My little brother turned into a unicorn after I lent him one, and my friend told me that a boy in her class grew fairy wings in the middle of a test.”

A unicorn , you guys. That’s not something to be messed with.

Across the pond, U.K. Amazon users are equally amused by the pens, also poking fun with their reviews and are really nailing the Jane Austen writing style. Not that Austen had a BiC for her. She must have used a fountain pen with a feather.

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