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pension definition hotel Liz Steel Sketching Tools Sketching Architecture Workshops Online Classes Books Portfolio Archives My travel sketching kit and workshop stuff May 18, 2017 | 13 Comments 127 Share europe17 sketching kit travel sketching

I’m heading off to Italy today so here are a few photos of my gear. Please go to Sketching Tools section for more details.

(Note: Missing from this photo is my Aquarelle Graphite pencil)

All the stuff put away into their cases.

The left group goes in my everyday bag, the right in my suitcase for nightly homework or backup supplies. Not exactly sure when I will use the little kit – might not take it out with me very often, but it’s good to have as a backup.

5kg worth of handouts and teaching material for two Palladian Odyssey tours. Yes, this is WAAY heavier than I expected, and am so thankful that Mike (tour director) was able to take some stuff for me.

My sketchbooks (3x A4 moleksine sketchbooks for a 4 week trip), support board and backjoy seat. No stool or easel – just can’t take anything extra.

Let me know if you have any questions (after going to the Sketching Tools section!)

Next post     Previous post Share 13 Comments Michelle Geffken - May 18, 2017 reply

Fascinating to see all the details and the care you put into planning. Also, love the tartan zipper pouch, Liz. Very 'you'!

Holly Johnson - May 18, 2017 reply

Have a wonderful trip Liz. I love to see your sketching tools...and really looking forward to the amazing sketches you will create.

[email protected] - May 18, 2017 reply

Back joy for sotting on ground? Or on all chairs? Thnx

[email protected] - May 18, 2017 reply

Back joy for sitting on ground? Or on all chairs? Thnx

Barbara - May 18, 2017 reply

Thanks for sharing your tools. It really helps me to rethink all the rubbish that I throw into my bag. Note to self, get organised like Liz. Have a wonderful trip, x

Jennifer McLean - May 18, 2017 reply

Hi Liz, just reading through your whole post and then going to peruse all the other info on how you fill your palette (gotta love paint porn, lol) I noticed you use blutac and thought you may want to know how great the magnetic tape I've started using works. Here's the link to Aleene's Magnetic Tacky Tape (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B006HEWOSY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1) This stuff is sticky on one side but I found that it adhered better to the metal, magnet to tin than plastic to magnet so I used a tiny bit of silicone glue this time when I switched to a smaller palette, I just pulled the magnet off the plastic pan then added a dot of silicone glue. Now everything sticks down but is totally removable. Hope this helps. (I'll be posting my new palette tonight!)

sandra de - May 20, 2017 reply

Wishing you a safe and fun trip to Italy. It is always lovely to see how you organise your art tools when you set off. Looking forward to seeing some great posts from the workshops.

Katherine Tyrrell - May 20, 2017 reply

Plus you can buy a stool when you get there and then dump it before you come home! :) Have a lovely trip!

Mamen Afrikia - June 4, 2017 reply

Hi Liz :) If I'm not wrong you write the text next to your sketches with a Lamy calligraphy nib .... isn't it ?. In which FP are you using this nib ? Thank you in advance Liz :)

Jelly Massee - June 4, 2017 reply

Would it be possible to see how u go about putting together a handout?

Liz Steel - June 5, 2017 reply

Hi jelly. Do you have any specific questions. I spent 1 year refining the itinerary with Mike including the lessons (based on my Foundations concepts the location and the narrative I was weaving - each lesson building on previous) and then prepared a simple summary of the main concept.

Terri Bone - June 30, 2017 reply

Hi Liz- Are you re-filling your ink cartridge on site as needed? Or do you fill up a few and carry them on site, leaving the ink bottle and syringe in another bag? My big question is how to cap off re-filled fountain pen cartridges until you need them. Thanks much!

Liz Steel - June 30, 2017 reply

I refill at night. Normally check every day or two.

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Part 2: When you don't have the time Sticking to my new resolution Sketching between appointments - cafe and car SketchingNow Foundations Course coming back soon! A lovely long weekend Tea with Alice Two quiet days: tea and cake sketches SG Trip Prep 1: Palette Considerations and a few books SG Trip Prep 2: Reviewing previous travel sketchbooks Sketching 100 People in a Week - can I do it? The blue door: A sketch I forgot to share at the time 12 weeks of Foundations Handouts Public Sydney: An AMAZING book! Teacup week is starting again Barangaroo Day and People Sketching Busy busy SketchingNow but not sketching now Foundations Self Directed Course Registration Now Open! Post-launch wind down sketch Perspective Workshop Prep My work in two recent publications July 2015 The last few days My Central Station Sketches and a testing a new Sketcher's Atelier New SketchingNow Course: edges is open for Registration Not sketching? Setting up a watercolour palette Travelling with Ink Trip Prep: Sketching my Kit WIP The last few days... thaks to Instagram In Singapore Video from my first day in Singapre Things are busy in Singapore! August 2015 Back Home! SingaporeCambodia 2015: Initial review of my big trip Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 1: The first two days Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 2: Leading up to the Symposium Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 3: The Symposium Days Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 4: Post Symposium Days My Edges course is coming soon! Cambodia2015 Sketchbook Part 1: Temples and Markets Cambodia2015 Sketchbook Part 2: More Temples but more colour as well! My Pointless Perspective workshop - with downloadable handout! Edges and shapes: A preview of my SketchingNow Edges online course A new (free!) cup Everyday pages in a new sketchbook Edges and Looseness September 2015 It's On Again! Why I love running my interactive SketchingNow online classes SketchingNow Adventure: Petersham Hard vs Soft, Plane vs Colour SketchingNow Adventure: Glenhaven (and Kenthurst) An Edges update.... SketchingNow Adventure: Barangaroo Edges sketch - Raglan St Mosman Should I finish this sketch? SketchingNow Adventure: Marrickville Recent Edges sketches Palette Update!!! Getting back to normal life Old and New - More everyday sketches October 2015 Travel Sketching: My thoughts and a few questions! A Saturday that feels like a Saturday Travel Sketching Workshop in Launceston Launceston (and Workshop) Sketches Changing my 'fad' colour Updated Current Sketching Tools Page New Book: Creative Sketching Workshop New Teacup Era Adult Coloring Books 1: An initial review Lightening my Load Tidying Up: Good feelings and sobering thoughts I love my work: A Curious Interested Interview Adult Coloring Books 2: Someone's else lines, old insecurities and my style My Great Escape November 2015 Back from Norfolk Island Norfolk Island Part 1: Summary of my trip Norfolk Island Part 2: Unplugging and having time to think Norfolk Island Part 3: Struggles with a new sketchbook Norfolk Island Part 4: Establishing a Rhythm? Norfolk Island Part 5: Trying to stick to my quota Norfolk Island Part 6: Wrap Up Last week: Walking to and from work and some new tools Sketchbook Review: Pentalic Aqua Journal compared with Moleskine Watercolor Notebook Cuppa Tea Time: Postcard size yellow cup Lightening my Load: How did I go? Sketching Sydney: The Grounds of Alexandria Cuppa Tea Time: The Tea Salon Last week: Too many coffees, being around people and a little collage My Monthly Newsletter (and my favourite pen!) White Nights watercolours: Colour Chart White Nights: First sketches Cross Hatching: Perfect for when I don't think I have time Last Week: Establishing a routine and a rhythm and thoughts about repetition December 2015 Fountain Pen Sketching Part 1: A new series Fountain Pen Sketching: 7 part series Fountain Pen Sketching Part 2: Why draw with a fountain pen? My (no longer annoymous) morning cafe visits December Urban Sketchers Sydney at Martin Place Last week: December Daily Fountain Pen Sketching Part 3: Using a fountain pen Fountain Pen Sketching Part 4: Choosing a fountain pen Cuppa Tea Time: Embracing the wonkiness Last week: Coffee, fountain pens and violet ink Fountain Pen Sketching Part 5: Basic Pens Fountain Pen Sketching Part 6: Pens with variable lines 1 “Give it three years” and three other helpful quotes from my friends VIsiting Urban Sketchers in Surry Hills Last week: Embracing the repetition Fountain Pen Sketching Part 7: Pens with variable lines 2 Fountain Pen Sketching: Behind the scenes Summer Break 2015: Hard or Soft? Summer Break 2015: Christmas Day Summer Break 2015: Boxing Day Family Day Sketching Sydney: The Rocks and Millers Point Cuppa Tea Time: 2015 Highlights 2015 Blog Highlights 2015 Sketchbook Review 2014 January 2014 Back Home - Making Changes My cuppa before and after USK Day in Newcastle Png:Sg Trip 01: Summary of my Penang Singapore Trip Sketchbook Crisis From Bondi to Mosman Png:Sg Trip 02: The Adventure Begins Png:Sg Trip 03: Day 1 Exploring Georgetown on my own Png:Sg Trip 04: Day 2 Texture in Georgetown New sketchbook: Great morning!! Png:Sg Trip 05: Markets, tea and colonialism Png:Sg Trip 06: Interlude: Thoughts on A Solo Sketching Day in Georgetown Png:Sg Trip 08: Last solo sketching day in Georgetown Penang New Blue Shoes Png:Sg Trip 09: Day with the Penang Urban Sketchers Png:Sg Trip 10: Week 2 - Hanging out with friends Png:Sg Trip 11: Church Conference (at the Lost Paradise Resort) Sketching The Rocks Classes - Feb and March Sketchcrawl 42 Png:Sg Trip 12: Singapore! Happy 'straya day! Png:Sg Trip 13: My big sketching NYE day Png:Sg Trip 14: The start of a New Year Colour detox planning Png:Sg Trip 15: Some much needed solo sketching time Exciting Alternative to Noodlers Bulletproof Ink February 2014 Png:Sg Trip 16: Another Crazy social day Sketching in Sydney this Saturday... USK Workshop Cockatoo Island with Paul Wang Png:Sg Trip 17: Another Adhoc Sketchwalk and more Png:Sg Trip 18: Second last day - more USkers, more food.

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