John Galliano vs. Christan Louboutins: Hottest Shoes for New Year Party louboutins shoes

John Galliano vs. Christan Louboutins: Hottest Shoes for New Year Party

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Shoes tell a lot about people, and this is why you should make sure that they will bring you in the center of attention during the holiday parties in the winter. There are a lot of styles to choose from, on the top being the ones created by John Galliano and Christian Louboutins for this season.

John Galliano

Hottest Shoes - New Year Party

He is best known for the high heels that he has designed over the years and these are just perfect in case you would like to seem tall, elegant and sexy during the winter.

In his latest collection he used a lot of different materials, experimenting with them.

In the end he managed to come up with a collection that is stylish and feminine, not to mention chic, becoming the desire of every woman. There is a certain style that we got used to from the designer, but now he managed to come up with something new.

The colors that he has been experimenting with include black, red, gray, brown and purple, all of them just perfect for partying.

The majority of the designs managed to catch the eye of women. There are the shoes with ankle straps that are more than just sexy. Some even come with embellishments and chains. You may know that fur is a major trend this season, and this is why it isn’t surprising to see shoes with fur inserts.

One of the most surprising elements that you can find on the shoes is a small padlock. Although at first this might seem to be out of place, you can be sure that they are more than trendy, and they are also feminine, not showing any signs of the fetish trend.

Christian Louboutins

Hottest Shoes For New Year Party

This designer also managed to come up with something new, and this is why for sure every fashionista would like to have a pair or two of his creations. In order to make sure that the shoes are suitable for this season, there is a dazzling collection that will bring you to the center of attention on every party during the winter holidays.

Naturally it’s not just about partying. There are a lot of shoes that can also be used in the everyday life. You will find sexy pumps, flats, high heel sandals, wedges, sport shoes, sneakers, boots, and anything you can think of.

The best thing about the shoes is that they come in numerous different colors and hues and so they are suitable for just any outfit. These colors include bright purple, nude, green, blue, gray, and a lot more.

The winter boots that are offered by the designer are just great to be worn with a party dress or jeans and coats. If you would like to make a fashion statement, it might be a good idea to opt for high heeled sandals with a sports dress.

It is really trendy to approach the rocker chic look, and for the best style think about getting modern spiked shoes. Still…you have to remember that the main focus is elegance.

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