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Increasing number of lessons, quizzes and exciting features with every update My review Review from Reviews 4.1 1,509 total 5 783 4 358 3 170 2 64 1 134 Kelly Pippy This has the potential to be a really excellent app to learn Hindi because it starts with the basics and slowly adds more which makes learning easy. However, as I progressed through, I started to notice that some of the audio pronunciations were missing and some of the English translations as well. It's very difficult to learn a language properly if you cannot hear how it should be pronounced and what the words actually mean in English. Some improvements and/or updates are required to make this app as great as it can possibly be. Anu SHREE Marvellous app ever this app helps me to learn hindi , hindi was my hatest but now after i downloaded this app i love hindi nice app good luck do more and more like this app thank you but i have some problems its not loading daily hindi sentences and daily hindi words please help me and please add sounds for vocabulary Janet Ralte I like this app,its very helpful. But there are some mistakes.. please correct them. I wanted to learn because i want to improve my grammar instead i found some mistakes.. but i still like it though Shadegat3 I bought the full version and it refuses to install and they refuse to reply to support after 5 months. Do not buy it and expect support. I tried every method advised by Google to install it, but it still fails so i gave up. But they still get the money. If they are not bothering to reply then Google should remove the full version. The layout and way it helps you learn in free version is really good, but it has a few bugs and translation errors, too. It needs to be updated and the full version needs fixing. I think it is an issue with the latest OS for phones as the version you buy must be from a long time ago under older OS. Zehava David Not developed enough Some of the letters cannot be opened with a sound which ruins the sequence of learning.
do u have pen meaning in hindi

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amazon pens for him Meaning of “breeze” in the English Dictionary English English American Contents Contents noun (2) breeze (WIND) breeze (SOMETHING EASY) verb (2) breeze (WALK) breeze (DO EASILY) Contents noun (2) breeze (WIND) breeze (SOMETHING EASY) verb (2) breeze (WALK) breeze (DO EASILY) English American "breeze" in English   See all translations breeze noun uk ​ / briːz / us ​ / briːz / breeze noun ( WIND )

B1 [ C ] a light and pleasant wind :

a warm / cool breeze She let the gentle breeze cool her face .

More examples

Flags flapped in the breeze above their tents . There's quite a fresh breeze today. The breeze rippled the water . A light breeze stirred the leaves lying on the path . The sudden breeze made the candles blow out.

Thesaurus: synonyms and related words

Wind & winds

airstream anemometer blast choppy drafty dust devil El Niño eolian hurricane jet stream northeast prevailing sigh southeasterly southerly the Beaufort scale tornado westerly wind gauge windsock

See more results »

breeze noun ( SOMETHING EASY )

› [ S ] informal something that is easy to achieve , often unexpectedly :

You won't have any problems with the entrance test - it's an absolute breeze.

Thesaurus: synonyms and related words

Easiness and simplicity

(as) easy as pie/ABC/anything/falling off a log idiom at the push of a button idiom at the stroke of a pen idiom be (all) downhill idiom be child's play idiom convincing foolproof friendly gift gimme give/hand sth to sb on a (silver) platter idiom painless rocket science sail sail through (sth) sb could do sth with one arm/hand tied behind his/her back idiom self-explanatory semi-skilled simple sweat

See more results »

breeze verb [ I usually + adv/prep ] uk ​ / briːz / us ​ / briːz / breeze verb [ I usually + adv/prep ] ( WALK )

› to walk somewhere quickly and confidently , without worry or embarrassment :

She just breezed in as if she'd only been away a day instead of a year .

Thesaurus: synonyms and related words

Moving firmly on foot

clump flounce goose step lope march not break your stride idiom pace parade prance quick march! idiom sashay stalk stamp stomp stride strut surefooted swagger troop waltz

See more results »

breeze verb [ I usually + adv/prep ] ( DO EASILY )

› informal to easily complete or win something:

She breezed through the song as though she'd been singing it for years . mainly US He breezed to victory with 78 percent of the vote .

Thesaurus: synonyms and related words

Easiness and simplicity

(as) easy as pie/ABC/anything/falling off a log idiom at the push of a button idiom at the stroke of a pen idiom be (all) downhill idiom be child's play idiom convincing foolproof friendly gift gimme give/hand sth to sb on a (silver) platter idiom painless rocket science sail sail through (sth) sb could do sth with one arm/hand tied behind his/her back idiom self-explanatory semi-skilled simple sweat

See more results »

(Definition of “breeze” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"breeze" in American English   See all translations breeze noun us ​ / briz / breeze noun ( WIND )

› [ C ] a light wind :

He sat in the sun , enjoying the gentle sea breeze. breeze noun ( SOMETHING EASY )

› [ C usually sing ] infml something that is easy to do:

The entrance exam turned out to be a breeze. breeze verb [ I always + adv/prep ] us ​ / briz / infml breeze verb [ I always + adv/prep ] ( WALK )

› to walk somewhere quickly and confidently:

Twenty minutes into the lecture she just breezed in and took a seat in the front row . breeze verb [ I always + adv/prep ] ( DO EASILY )

› to achieve something easily :

She breezed to victories in the 100 and 200 meters . He breezed through four years of Latin .

(Definition of “breeze” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Translations of “breeze”   in Korean in Arabic in Malaysian in Spanish in Russian in Chinese (Traditional) in Italian in Turkish in Polish in Spanish in Vietnamese in Portuguese in Thai in Catalan in Japanese in Chinese (Simplified) in Indonesian






風, 和風,微風, 容易的事…

brezza, venticello…

esinti, meltem…



gió nhẹ…


สายลมที่พัดเบา ๆ…



风, 和风,微风, 容易的事…

angin lembut…

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Contents noun (2) breeze (WIND) breeze (SOMETHING EASY) verb (2) breeze (WALK) breeze (DO EASILY) Contents noun (2) breeze (WIND) breeze (SOMETHING EASY) verb (2) breeze (WALK) breeze (DO EASILY)

More meanings of “breeze”

All Idioms a stiff breeze/wind shoot the breeze idiom sea breeze See all meanings shoot the breeze idiom See all idiom meanings

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English to Hindi Translation

The third most widely spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin, Hindi has an estimated 500-600 million speakers worldwide. This makes Hindi translation a perfect way to communicate with a huge proportion of the world’s population. While some Hindi speakers may speak other Indian languages or even English, the most effective way to communicate your message to native Hindi speakers is in their mother tongue.

Hindi is the official language of the Republic of India and is used alongside English by administrative and governmental bodies. India is now the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power and according to Economy Watch (www.economywatch.com) is, alongside China, set to rule the commercial world in the 21st Century. If economy watch is correct, it will become increasingly important to translate your documents into Hindi and other Indian languages.

Our English to Hindi translations are produced by our translation experts in a wide range of fields, including technical, legal, pharmaceutical, and financial.

All our Hindi translators have at least five years professional translation experience and undergo a rigorous selection procedure.

English to Hindi translation

The Translation People’s Hindi translation services are respected for quality, tight turnarounds and our experience with a variety of technical media. The Translation People specialise in both Hindi to English and English to Hindi translation.

Our English/Hindi translation expertise includes, but is not limited to; information leaflets for housing associations, product catalogues, legal documents, contracts, quality procedures, technical specifications, websites and press releases.

If you have a translation project, request a quote or contact us now.

Hindi language – Did you know?

Hindi, an Indo-Ayran language, descends from Hindustani, a colloquial spoken language used during the ninth and tenth centuries in and around Delhi, northern India. The Turks inhabiting parts of India in the eleventh century named this language Hindvi or Hindi, the language of the Hind (India). Hindvi was made up largely of Sanskrit loan words which had been adapted to colloquial speech; Persian and Arabic also heavily influenced Hindi.These external influences allowed Hindi to quickly develop as a mode of communication between the immigrants and the native population of Northern India. With the large British presence during the Colonial Period, the language spread and became the national language of India, employed by the British as the standard among governmental officials.

In the nineteenth century Hindustani split into two separate languages: Hindi and Urdu. Some argue this separation is largely political, as before the partition of India, spoken Hindi and Urdu were seen as the same language – Hindustani. There are, however, linguistic differences: Hindi is heavily influenced by Sanskrit and Urdu by Persian. In addition, modern Hindi and Urdu use two separate scripts, Hindi is written in Devanagari and Urdu in Perso-Arabic.

In India today, Hindi is marginally more widely spoken than Urdu; according to the 1991 census approximately 40% of people in India are native Hindi speakers. The Official Language Act of 1949, which made the use of Hindi in Central Government Offices mandatory, could be seen as responsible for this advantage.

Hindi is a very modern and relevant language which continues to influence English and other European languages. Examples of words with Hindi origin include cot, juggernaut, pundit, dungaree and chintz.

Why use us for Hindi translation?

Our use of translation memory software can reduce lead times and costs of your English to Hindi translation. Translations can be provided in any format including the Microsoft Office suite, Quark XPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker and InterLeaf. Our English to Hindi translators are professionally qualified linguists and translate exclusively into their native language. English to Hindi Translation

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